The sign up for the Innovum weekend has opened. This year the event will be from 3 till 6 June at the Dommelvallei at 18:00. The ticket price is €35 for the whole weekend and as usual it's possible to buy a ticket for a partial weekend. (for details see ticket site).
You'll have to bring your own tent or share one with someone else just like last year.
Innovum weekend? What's that?
Well it's a weekend full of gezelligheid, beer, food and activities arranged bij the activity committee.
The number of tickets is limited so sign up quickly!
See you then!
The activity committee.

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Camping Dommelvallei,
Schafterdijk 9, 5556 VK Valkenswaard

When does the event happen?
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